Kristen Kindle
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Below are my rates for our time spent together. When we meet, please place the gift on the desk or table in clear view with no envelope please. Do not discuss the gift at any point or I will have to ask you to leave. Cash only no exceptions.

Incall Only


$200 . . . . . . 30 Minutes


$250 . . . . . . 45 Minutes


$300 . . . . . . 60Minutes


$400 . . . . . . 90 Minutes


$500 . . . . . . 2 Hours

As you know I ran specials ALL summer! It was great and you guys loved them. Well the good news is that I will be continuing the specials until my new website drops. I am running a bit behind on it and the new release date is November 1st (ish). Thank you for your patience and don't hesitate to come take advatage of the specials. Rates will NEVER be this low again!


Check your local hobby board or P411 for the specials. If you cant find them please feel free to text me and ask about them.

'Waiting On New Website' Special!